Overview Abdullah Abdul Ghani Foundation Award for intellectual Innovation


 Abdullah Abdul Ghani Foundation Award for intellectual Innovation


The prize’s definition:

It was launched in 2009, it specializes in scientific research in contemporary issue. It is a national, annual, scientific, courted award, dealing with regenerative moderate ideology and reasonable culture.

The winner is chosen by a courted committee with scientific, cultural and missionary nature, based on conditions and regulations, and issued in two series product: print and electronic, periodically.


Award's Objectives:
To support the Foundation's programs and aspirations and cultural trends that are in favor of Qatar in special and the whole Umma in general.
• To formulate reasonable orientations for Umma, through innovative and documented studies and researches.
• To introduce Umma to generations and its history and language, urging them to contemplate in its reality and to anticipate the future; according to facts that put them on the right way.
• To confront crushing, melting and denatured ideas and sharpen wills.
• Taking the hands of researchers and support them, and launching talents and skills.


The horizons of award:

 The spatial extent of the award covers the whole world, any graduated serious researcher from any country can participate; if his research contained the required methodology conditions.

The intellectual extent covers creative spectra of religion and culture, also covers the past, present and future: to include a serious investigation of some of the production of the past decade, and the study of the present and its needs, and foreseeing the future with its dimensions , creativities , challenges and precursors.