About us

- who are we?

A private institution of public interest which was established to contribute to supporting and strengthening a cultural, social and civilized project concerned on research and studies in the same areas, and showing up the aspects of Arab civilization and community development in all fields, and enhancing  the principles that have the greatest impact in dealing with other civilizations.


- Our Vision:

Civilized Global Humanitarian Authentic Pioneering        (5 - 5 - 5)


- Our Mission:

Providing sustainable development for the human being intellectually, educationally and socially through a variety of projects, programs and partnerships of institutional nature to provide a civilized influential model.


- The Values:

  1. Originality: What we mean by it is the launch of all the aims and activities of the foundation comes from the fundamentals of the Qatari society, the cultural affiliation and its inherited valued roots.

  2. Credibility: What we mean by it is the consistency on principles, and considers them essential in every position the foundation take, or in an activity practiced, or in a decision taken or in an opinion shown. And the adoption of a mechanism in the service of targets instead of providing assistance to them as a ready aid.

  3. Humanity: What we mean by it is the premises of the foundation in its entire works is humanitarian orientated, with no discrimination regarding custom, race, nationality, color or creed. And the continuation of foundation’s tender by strengthening the principle of sustainable development.

  4. Universality: What we mean by it is to expand the geographic work in the organization to include every site in the world can its audience reach, or its content contain, or its mechanism approach, whether it includes the actual geographic location or geographical default location.

  5. Partnership: What we mean by it is that the foundation will not work individually but will always work through local, regional and a global partnership qualifies them to achieve their goals. Also to designate and expand the scope of its work and achieve its principle of complementarity and coordination.


- Objectives:

  1. To promote good manners and activating its positive role in the behavior of the individual and society.

  2. To promote social solidarity.

  3. To activate attention to scientific research and field studies in the cultural and intellectual field and the field of community development.

  4. Strengthening the Arab identity and rooting values ​​and landmarks of our civilization and Islamic culture.

  5. To activate the role of the family at all levels and activating its structural and productive role .

  6. To participate in the preparation of qualified national cadres in the field of cultural, social and intellectual sciences.

  7. To contribute in building a system of intellectual knowledge of human cultural values ​​to keep up with the cultural changes in society.