Abdullah Abdul Ghani


 The reverend Abdulla Abdul Ghani Al Abdul Ghani - God bless his soul - 

a model in the history of the state of Qatar




(His growing up)

- He was Born in 1342 AH /1923, he grew up in the city of Al Wakra, and he associated with its people with close ties where he has a big role with the family of Al-Abul Rahman Al-Thani, and also with Alwkir’s elders, And they had a great impact in the march of his life.

- His father died when he was at sixteen years old, so he has been delivered the banner of the struggle, and he worked hard to make for himself and his family a bright future, and to contribute a large share to the renaissance of his country Qatar.

- The sea represented for him and his peers a symbol of life and build self. His beginning was with the dive, and the pearl trade, and his beginning was full of experiments with time , they fronted difficulties of life, so success was for them, and running the leadership.



(His works)

- He moved to trade in its various forms, and he worked hard, and persevered  until he achieved himself, and he developed his business, where he established a contracting company on modern scientific foundations.

- He was one of the founders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Qatar, and a member of its Board of Directors.

- He was One of the founders of the Qatar National Bank, and vice-president of the Board of Directors.

He was a broad-minded with a rich experience - God bless his soul- and he was fond of science and scientists, interested in the science of the Qur'an and Sunnah, where he rushed to the establishment of Sciences House, which focused on the Koran Foundation prints, and the first of books and others.


)His achievements(

- In 1964, it was the major qualitative shift in his economic activity - God bless his soul- where he received the exclusive right to Toyota Agency’ agency.

- He was appointed a member of the Shura Council in the period from 1972 to 1990, and he has an active role to express an opinion and advice to the parent for the benefit of the country and the people about what was put on the Council for discussion.

- He was one of the founders of the Qatari Red Crescent Society, and a member of its board of directors, and contributed to the construction of mosques and other charitable facilities inside and outside Qatar, and printing a lot of copies of the Koran and religious books.


 (His death)

- He assumed a prestigious social status among the people for his good qualities, good biography, gentleness , reconciling, humility, and generosity.

- He died on Friday Afternoon , 26/04/1421 H corresponding to 28/07/2000 AD

- Then the page of struggle, persistence, determination to success and achieving noble goals was turned. The page was turned but its scent and fragment life still fills the world and his achievements still present in his soul.